We are very proud to now be a part of the North Georgia Community Foundation. This regional 501(c)3 provides us with the accounting detail and support that will help us continue to support the local schools and students even better than we previously could.

The Morrow Community Foundation, which hosts the Forsyth BYOT Benefit, was recently recognized by the Forsyth County Schools with their prestigious Don Hendricks Partnership Award, the highest award given each year by the schools. Read more about this here...

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2020 has been a year to remember. We had planned a wonderful dinner/dance but had to cancel it due to the pandemic. However, all is not lost. We have a fantastic event planned for the entire month of October that will give everyone in the county, and even beyond, a chance to get involved and make a difference.

Digital access has never been more Important to school ages people than it is during the pandemic. Learning from hom more than ever, the dependence on internet and devices is greater than ever as well.

So, In October, please join us for the first ever Forsyth BYOT iChallenge. This will be a month long activity challenge where you log your activity minutes and compete against everyone else.  And it is activity, not just running or working out.  If you play Twister for 30 minutes, log it! If you go for a walk with the dog for twenty minutes, log it! If you wrestle with your brother for ten minutes, log it!

Individuals will register as part of a team from their school and if you are not affiliated with a school, you can register as a "Friend of BYOT" or the "District Office".

At the end of October we will add up your total minutes. Whoever has the most minutes in your category will get a prize. We expect these to be valued at around $350 each.  There will be a winner from the group of elementary school, the middle schools and the high schools. So, THREE winners will get those prizes.

Also, the school with the most total minutes of activity from all its team members in each of those three categories will receive a plaque noting their incredible achievement.

Look for details about the BYOT iChallenge coming your way from the school as soon as school starts.Type your paragraph here.

The Forsyth BYOT Benefit appreciates the support of the Sawnee-Cumming Optimist Club's "Flags For Education" fundraiser. Sales will benefit the Forsyth BYOT Benefit. Please consider sponsoring their initiative. Click their logo to download a form to support this effort.

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Why we do what we do...

Dr. Jim and Peggie Morrow learned in 2013 that there were over 2000 families in Forsyth County who did not have Internet in their homes. With so much of the schoolwork requiring online access, they decided to try to make a difference in the lives of those who did not have the privileges of others.

And now, students are expected to study and complete assignments online whenever there is an inclement weather day. Can you imagine what it would be to have no Internet access - even for one day?

Perhaps this video will help you understand the need better.

What is the Forsyth BYOT Benefit?

In 2013, The Morrow Community Foundation started a benefit to support the Forsyth County Schools' BYOT (Bring Your Own Technology) initiative, which seeks to improve the use of and access to the types of technology that students will be using as students and as adults. 

In its first five years, The Forsyth BYOT Benefit has donated over $220,000 to the Forsyth County Schools, placing Internet in several hundred homes, providing devices to deserving students who were without, and improved the Media Centers in most schools.

In 2018, we have set our sights on a loftier goal and believe that the generous people and businesses of Forsyth County will again see their way to assist these students. We invite you to peruse our website, see what we have done, and decide how you’d like to be a part of this very important effort.

The Forsyth BYOT Benefit

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Forsyth BYOT iChallenge!!

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a charity of the Morrow Community Foundation

About our benefit...

​We began the Forsyth BYOT Benefit in 2013 when we learned of the hundreds of students in our affluent county who did not have the technological means at home to do basic homework: devices and Internet. When you and I are the only two students in class who do not have access to this essential technology, we are at a distinct disadvantage.Type your paragraph here.